Hello again. Its been a long time since the time we communicated with you last time. It seems it was in autumn Time is really flies extremely fast when you are contantly busy. Its already the end of 2017. Time to look around, think about future plans, make wishes and summarize the year.

Since the last update, when we released the largest upgrade of Metrostroi this summer, we thereby solved many of problems of the mod itself. But it was also something that we did not have time to complete - we so wanted to quickly share new content with the community that we decided to defer a part of the work that we wanted to show at the end of 2017. In some sense, part of this time, we carried out a kind of research that presented us a few unexpected and interesting surprises, which we hastened to start implementing as sooner as we could.

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Community news | Published: 12/19/2017 in 19:07:31 | Author: furry gaming