As you may see, on our servers and in Discord sometimes was a message from Metrostroi Special Delivery Bot. On the gold.metrostroi.net we made a player list, enshrines a significant contribution to the development, support, and creation of the Metrostroi mod and a dedication to its community. People in this honor list will stay there forever. To each of its participants except usual reverser wrench in game available The golden reverser wrench with unique appearance and number. This is our thanks to the people who help us all the time developing the mod, donated, and to those who made something their, unique, developing and supporting mod.

Check your subscription to the main addon and content. If you already subscribed to them - just restart the game, content will update automatically. (Recommendation just in case - delete all incompatible addons with other trains and "downloads", "download", "cache" folders from Garry's Mod folder.)

For any information, help and advice join our Discord server. There you can get all help or info, ask a question to developers or report some bug in special channel. Among other things in additional news you can find change list, we recommend to read it!

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DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/bCKdKPP

CHANGE LIST: https://wiki.metrostroi.net/wiki/TheBigOne

Mod updates | Published: 09/18/2018 in 16:51:26 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто

Over the past weeks, we have continued to work on the update and have done a lot of work.  An important feature concerns a solution to make the installation and playing of the mod easier for the user, along with the user being able to manually control mod performance. Here are a few important changes:

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Mod updates | Published: 04/14/2018 in 03:08:14 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто

New EMUs:

- New controlling systems, high and low voltage electric circuits, equipment systems of type «D», «E», «Ezh», «Ema-502», 81-717, 81-718.0. Changed logic for 334 and 013 brake valves as well as pneumatic brake effort. Electric circuits of the types «Ema-502», «E», and «Ezh» use new rheostatic braking systems. The new systems use the PT1 and PT2 electric circuits with 36 single rotating positions without the thyristor regulator.

- Wagons type «D» (81-702) head and intermediate with a few skins. Electric circuits of type «D» fully similar to the real unit from Moscow Metro underground lines.

- Wagons type «Em-501» (intermediate) and «Ema-502» (head) with dark-blue St. Petersburg skin. These wagons have options for changing the cabin and control methods. 2 variants of these models have been derived from the first (KVL) and third (NVL) St. Petersburg lines. Electric circuits are similar to the real unit.

- New wagons type 81-717 and 81-714 and relevant modifications from various factories for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Model made in a few modifications and skin variations.

- Wagons type 81-718.0 and 81-719.0 have a thyristor drive system, modified in Kharkiv.

- New systems: ARS-D, ARS-MP, BARS for 81-717, KSAUP for «Ema-502», PA-M, PUAV.

Mod update:

Fixed ALS frequency and block signalling mistakes.

New headlight system that glows and adds a halo effect.

New skins system (each skin doesn’t have identical shaders).

New sounds of motors, movement noise, pneumatic valves, BPSN and undercar equipment.

Simulation of voltage dips of low voltage circuits and interior lights.

Emergency and normal lighting of cabin and gauges for all «E» and «D» types.

Radio relay announcer with voice.

Line schemes, wagon number signs, destination signs, and route number signs.

Changes of 81-717 (Moscow):

New body and cabin model.

New switches and buttons.

New old type ARS panel (arrow).

Changed dashboard textures.

New appearance of interior with skin support.

Changed drive characteristics.

Improved the high voltage circuits.

ARS-Dnepr relay-type system.

Corrected 334 and 013 brake valves to simulate real life, relay delay, relay and contactor sounds.

Control circuits correspond to 81-717.5 with ARS-D system.

Changes of 81-717 (St. Petersburg):

New body and cabin model.

New wagon version 81-717 KVR from St. Petersburg (after repair).

Added BARS, PUAV, PA-M systems.

Added new switches and lamps.

Corrected 334 and 013 brake valves to simulate real life, relay delay, relay and contactor sounds.

Changed drive characteristics and electric circuits.

Changes of Ezh/Ezh1:

New body model, unified with other type «E» trains.

Skin selection can now be for all «E» types concurrently.

New dashboard variant of the old train with arrow speedometer.

New interior skins.

Selection between two modifications of the «Ezh» dashboard (old arrow speedometer or new digital).

Changed skins and their saturation.

Drive and brake characteristics are changed according to electric circuit. (36 positions of RK for brake, implemented PT1 and PT2).

ARS-MP system for head wagons with working in-cab signalling.

("A" indicator near windshield).

Working “autoblocking” switches to allow movement with no ARS frequency. This may be done by pressing the driver’s and the driver’s helper buttons.

Changed positions and colors of switches.

Added switch stickers with information for more interactive gameplay.

Working switch to emergency control KRU, KRR.

Changes of Em508:

Type «Em508» unified with «Ezh». Old «Em508» model will permanently removed.

Changes of E:

New body model, unified with other type «E» trains.

New switches in the cabin.

New cabin and interior textures.

Electric circuits of the first type «E» wagons, with old emergency controls circuits.

Changes of Ezh3:

Fixed ARS system bugs.

Materials and textures improved.

New cabin skins type.

Changes of 81-722:

Removed RP lamp on intermediate wagons 81-724.

Changed drive characteristics.

Changes of 81-720:

Changed some textures.

Changed intermediate wagon 81-721.

Changed sounds of wagons.

Some changes are not finished yet. This changelog will update once those changes have been added and an update is pushed.

Detailed changelog is bigger but doesn't need a description here.

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Mod updates | Published: 03/28/2018 in 03:28:31 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто

We decided to make a competition of creating advertisement stickers in the train interiors of our addon!

Right now you can send your works to Discord server or Facebook page messages.

Stickers topic is almost free but they should relate to the Metrostroi!

And also they should not insult, contain unacceptable content or not relate to Metrostroi. 

Stickers should be in A4 size, high quality, link to the file in full resolution. The topic is free but main criterion is creativity.

In the end of next week we will sum up and select a few stickers to be added in the Metrostroi.

Community news | Published: 03/25/2018 in 17:41:59 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто

There is an interesting feature is used in the new system of simulation of electrical circuits: in the control circuits there are Voltage dips, which can be observed from the varying brightness of the indication lamps.

Mod updates | Published: 02/15/2018 in 14:42:35 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто

Hi! For a new model of 81-717 metrocar we've created the new system of enabling/disabling interior lights. Now you can see the difference between the color of lamps (cold/warm color variation for each lamp)

Mod updates | Published: 01/28/2018 in 11:54:19 | Author: furry gaming

Hi, this is important message for all players. It is highly recommended to share. 

Recently we've recieved many bug reports about not working in-game screens , panels like an informator, SARMAT panel etc.
This bug occurs in those who have a Discord client installed. The fact is that as a result of the recent update of the discord, by default it puts the Discord's Overlay when you are in the game. It somehow conflicts with Garry's Mod. To avoid problems, it is highly recommended to DISABLE this parameter in the Discord settings.

Other news | Published: 01/03/2018 in 13:58:36 | Author: furry gaming

Happy new year 2018, friends! 2017 was for all of us both a difficult and a year of interesting discoveries and opportunities. Well, something tells me that everything will be more interesting next year...

See you soon!

Full-res Screenshots: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J6k6v

Community news | Published: 01/01/2018 in 01:25:00 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто