Changes of the upcoming update from March 27 - April 13

Over the past weeks, we have continued to work on the update and have done a lot of work.  An important feature concerns a solution to make the installation and playing of the mod easier for the user, along with the user being able to manually control mod performance. Here are a few important changes:

— Added bogie and coupler creak sounds which improves the sensation of train driving and movement.

— Train color randomization has been improved and has had bug fixes. Variations of mud will change with each spawn. Other train variations are included in the system as well. You can choose your desired effects by equipping the train spawner and clicking on the train so you can directly see the color and train appearance change.

— Due to constant questions on how to install the mod, a new feature will display a warning to the user if they are missing a part of the mod. Now, when you start using the mod, you will see a pop-up message that will check your game for required or unwanted content.

— Added a new system related to view distance. You can now set the render range of train elements, however this feature is in testing due to performance impacts.

— The electric circuits of metrocar “Ezh3” have been edited, along with edits to the ARS. The KRU and KRR systems have also been added for Ezh3 head units.

— New train collision models.

— Various changes in the model and texture of the trains.

Mod updates | Published: 04/14/2018 in 03:08:14 | Author: [Pollitto] Курритто